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4" regular serves 4

4" tall serves 4-8


6" regular Serves 8

6" Tall Serves 8-16


8" regular Serves 14

8" Tall Serves 14-28


Perfect for birthdays, and all other events! 



Rocky lemon: lemon mud cake, cream cheese buttercream, lemon marmalade


Day and Night: vanilla and chocolate cake, Vanilla buttercream, chocolate fudge


Red Velvet: red velvet mud cake, cream cheese icing, red velvet white chocolate crumb


Coconut cream: Coconut mud cake, Coconut lime buttercream, coconut flakes


Carrot cake:  Carrot cake (no raisin, no pineapple) Cinnamon Buttercream, praline pecans


Tres leche: Cinnamon cake, Sweet cream filling, Whipped cream


Chocolate Fudge: Devils food cake, rich chocolate buttercream, fudge sauce, chocolate crunch


Oreo: Vanilla oreo cake, vanilla icing, chocolate fudge sauce, crushed oreos


Funfetti: Funfetti vanilla cake, Vanilla icing, caramel sauce center.

Signature Celebration Cakes

  • Once you have recieved your cake, the cake must be placed in a cool spot until it is ready to be served. The cakes may be kept in the fridge for up to 1 week covered, and 1 month in the freezer covered well. 

    To enjoy your cake pull it out of the fridge 30 minutes prior to eating. This allows the cake to come up to temperature and all the flavours and textures come out beautifully. 


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