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6" Tall Cheesecake

serves 6-8 ppl

Keeps well in the fridge or wrapped well in the freezer


Flavours include:

*Classic Newyork- Rich Vanilla cheesecake, Graham cookie crust


*Fruit Topped- Seasonal fruit, Vanilla Cheesecake, Graham cookie crust


*Chocolate Lovers- Chocolate cheesecake, Chocolate Crunch bits, Fudge sauce, chocolate cake base


*Caramel Nut Crunch- Buttered Vanilla cheesecake, Mixed nuts, Caramel drizzle, Nut Cake base


*Oreo- Vanilla oreo cheesecake, oreo top, fudge sauce, oreo crust


*Apple Pie- Pecan oat crust, cinnamon cheesecake, Caramle apple top


*Lemon Meringue- Vanilla and candied lemon cheesecake, Chewy lemon cookie base, lemon curd top and burnt meringue



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